I want the pictures to be working in both directions. I accept that they speak about me, and yet at the same time, I want and expect them to function in terms of the viewer and their experience.
~ Wolfgant Tillmans

What are Clients Saying About Art Equidae?

Painting Commission; Photography; Graphic Design

Diana injects soul into her extensive classical art training. Her paintings and photographs really speak to me, and I know to many others. Diana's work is all very, very good and on top of that she is professional in every aspect of her business. Diana is a world-class artist!"

~ Jane

Art Education

Not only is Diana an extremely gifted artist in her own right, but also a very talented teacher. She engaged and motivated the students in a manner that showed in their enthusiasm to continue to learn and improve their art skills. The evidence was apparent in the art produced by the students - which improved noticeably from the initial lessons and continued until the completion of the course, and beyond...I feel that Diana provided an extremely high calibre of art education that will be difficult to match. We wish her the best in future endeavours, and would eagerly seek her out as a teacher."

~ Erica

Painting Commission

I am very proud of my horse, the love I have for her. She has been my true gift from God that has helped me stay grounded. I am blessed to have found someone like you who can capture her essence and beauty in a painting that will last a lifetime."

~ Cheryl


Diana...has a sophisticated understanding of the anatomization and economization of visual information. [She has a] strong work-ethic and intellectual maturity. Diana is very committed and talented... and deserves every consideration for support and garners my unequivocal recommendation. "

~ Jordan

Painting Commission

Wow! It's so gorgeous! Stunning, breathtaking. I love it! I keep looking at it. Each time I look, I get lost in some different detail. I'm in awe. It's almost mesmerizing."

~ Nadine

Painting Commission

Diana I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Thank you so much for such a gorgeous portrait of my pretty pony."

~ Pamela

Painting Commission

I felt great emotion as I unwrapped [my painting]. And then such a delight to be holding her. It has been a long journey. You have involved me in her development through every stage. She arrived in perfect condition so now I shall proudly enjoy her... I am so delighted. All my thanks to you."

~ Susanne

Art Education

Diana did an exceptional job... Diana's lessons are well presented in an extremely organized and professional manner. She was exceptionally cheerful and enthusiastic. Diana always presented herself in a friendly, and dignified manner... [She] has shown the ability and professionalism that is well beyond the average teacher. She is an exceptional teacher... It would be a privilege to work with Diana in the future."

~ John

Art Education

Diana has an extrodinary depth of art historical knowledge and excellent artistic skills. Her projects show care and attention, the same care and attention she gives her students. I have no doubt in my mind that she is capable of developing a program of excellence and I do hope she is given an opportunity to present her case, especially her portfolio."

~ Jan

Painting Commission

It is a lovely painting! It's beautiful! You have captured her good-heartedness and her gentleness to perfection.

~ Kathrine

Art Education

I was impressed with your excellent performance as a teacher, but most notibly, I was amazed with your ability to work with your students. A feeling of mutual respect always prevailed. You have the natural ability and the intellectual capacity, and coupled with your industrious attitue towards being very well prepared, to present your lessons with enthusiasm, excitement, and pride. Lessons were always sequential, meaningful and productive; instructional time was without exception, effective and efficient... Students were always on task, enthusiastic, attentive and interactive. Your individual assistence and positive reinforcement relative to their work gave the students the incentive to be productive and to enjoy the class. You were always neat in appearance and attire, industrous, reliable, punctual, enthusiastic, dynamic, sincere, and energetic. You are a valuable assest to the teaching profession. You have a passion for teaching!"

~ William

Art Education

Miss Vestergaard has exhibited very strong teaching skills.
Through conversation Diana takes the time to find out a little about every student, in order to help him or her connect personally to each assignment. Through demonstrations and sharing of her personal artwork, Miss Vestergaard has gained credibility as an artist in the eyes of her students. The classroom climate created by Miss Vestergaard is one conducive to productive studio work. Students feel safe to explore their own artistic concepts. Students also feel comfortable in asking for feedback while working on their projects. Diana's positive attitude and enthusiasm made working with Diana a fantastic experience."

~ Brad

Painting Commission

I love, love, love it! It is really [my horse]. He had a great presence and you have captured it in the painting. I love the chiseling in his face. The use of all the underlying colours is amazing. I look at the painting and I still get choked up. It is such a great tribute to a beautiful spirit! I guess if an artist can create emotion in their audience then that is a great talent. Thank you so much for doing [him] such a great service. "

~ Sue

Painting Donation - Equine Charity

Your art is phenomenal!"

~ Bec

Painting Sale

I am so deeply pleased. [The painting] really captures the feeling of [my] lovely team working, and I will treasure it. Thank you for capturing the beautiful spirits of those glorious girls, so that others can see it. I am delighted!"

~ Mary

Painting Commission

Diana, you have truly captured him! You are amazing!"

~ Kathy

Fine Art Print

Thank you Diana for your graciousness and good will. You have a generous spirit and you are an exquisite artist... The prints are gorgeous, capturing her beautifully and the [printing] company you used was very classy."

~ Joanna

Painting Commission

[The painting] is so beautiful I am just stunned. No do not change a thing, you are so talented. I love it, thank you so much Diana."

~ Libby

Art & Art Education

Your paintings are wonderful. They are so full of life. Your horse paintings show such strength and vitality!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our classes, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to avail myself of your talent...it was so worthwhile for me."

~ Trudie


Diana's inquisitive and absorbent mind, coupled with a sensitive and appreciative nature to the visual and spiritual environment around her, bears fruit in both her academic and personal work."

~ Cornelia


Diana shows deep interest and commitment and also a profound knowledge. I highly recommend Diana for any consideration."

~ Simona


I was fortunate enough to have taught Diana... I was always greeted with a great interest and sensitivity upon engaging her in a critique. I admired very much her ability to ingest and digest so quickly the methodologies presented to her here at the school, and enjoyed her engaging manner... Overall Diana was a model of pleasant dedicated efficiency in the studio. I believe this is owned to her appreciation of the arts and her prolific studies of additional subjects... I find her to be roundly intelligent and diligent."

~ Stephen

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