Saddle Up Magazine, December 2012 - Art Equidae

Portrait of Jessie

June 16, 2019

Hello Bob,

I sincerely apologise for the long delay in presenting these ideas to you.  It's been a very  busy time on the ranch, and with exams and assignments at school, and  other commitments.  

Brenda has started long distance riding, and recently completed her first 100 mile competition, which means she's been away a lot, so I'm looking after the ranch animals while she's at competitions, which is every weekend.  This has made for busy days, but I'm happy that I can help her pursue this new dream.      In July she might be going to the States, so I'll have a couple of busy weeks helping out during that time.

A number of years back, my business was my one priority, and at that time I was always on time, and on task, but in recent years I've been juggling a number of things, and unfortunately my business is suffering due to lack of time.  This saddens me, as Art Equidae is a life-dream.  I know that I need to shift my priorities, change my approach, or shut down.   I've got a half a year left of school, so until my program is finished, I've just got to do the best I can - and until then... I'm juggling.  

I've set up this gallery for you, so that you can view the different ideas that I've developed, based on the photos that you sent.  There are four proposals, developed on an  11 x 14 inch canvas size.  If you are thinking of a larger canvas, then I will re-work the sketches to make sure the image fits whichever aspect ratio that you choose.

Out of the four photos that you sent, I think two of the images will make the strongest work. On the other two, I've written some notes as to why I think these won't translate well to a painting.  Thank you for sending as many photos as possible.  I  was happy for all of the photos, for this helped me learn about Jessie's personality and and traits.

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

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