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Painting Commission

I felt great emotion as I unwrapped [my painting]. And then such a delight to be holding her. It has been a long journey. You have involved me in her development through every stage. She arrived in perfect condition so now I shall proudly enjoy her... I am so delighted. All my thanks to you."

~ Susanne

Painting Commission

It is a lovely painting! It's beautiful! You have captured her good-heartedness and her gentleness to perfection.

~ Kathrine

Painting Commission

[The painting] is so beautiful I am just stunned. No do not change a thing, you are so talented. I love it, thank you so much Diana."

~ Libby

Painting Commission

Diana, you have truly captured him! You are amazing!"

~ Kathy

Painting Donation - Equine Charity

Your art is phenomenal!"

~ Bec

Painting Commission

I love, love, love it! It is really [my horse]. He had a great presence and you have captured it in the painting.... It is such a great tribute to a beautiful spirit!"

~ Sue

Painting Commission

Diana I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Thank you so much for such a gorgeous portrait of my pretty pony."

~ Pamela

Painting Commission

Wow! It's so gorgeous! Stunning, breathtaking. I love it! I keep looking at it. Each time I look, I get lost in some different detail. I'm in awe. It's almost mesmerizing."

~ Nadine

Painting Commission

I am very proud of my horse, the love I have for her. She has been my true gift from God that has helped me stay grounded. I am blessed to have found someone like you who can capture her essence and beauty in a painting that will last a lifetime."

~ Cheryl

If I was an artist like you, I would draw a true picture of Traveller;
representing his fine proportions, muscular figure, deep chest, short back, strong haunches....
Such a picture would inspire a poet, whose genius could depict his worth.
~ Robert E. Lee, Letter to Markie Williams

A custom oil painting is something unique and special. It can serve as a keepsake treasure in your home, or make for a meaningful gift. If you are interested in having a custom oil painting created, please contact me for specific information and a complimentary price quote. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as discuss ideas and possibilities.


Examples of Commissioned Paintings by Diana:

Art Equidae - Commissions



The final fee for a commission is determined when all concerned have been discussed and agreed upon the requirements of the artwork. When estimating a custom price quote I take into consideration design time and the complexity of subject. The cost of a painting can vary, depending on the number of subjects, detail of landscape or backgrounds, as well as factors such as intricately patterned clothing or ornate jewelry.

The cost of my paintings reflect the high quality of materials, advanced artistic skill, popularity, and market price for comparable paintings.

A forty percent deposit will be required upon beginning a commission, with the balance due upon delivery of the artwork.

Note: All pricing is for unframed artwork. Framing, shipping and handling, insurance, and travel expenses are extra. Taxes, where applied, will also be additional.

***Please contact me for a complimentary custom price quote.***

Pricelist for Standard Portraits in Canadian Dollars

Canvas Size
Horse Portrait
Horse and Rider Portrait
11" x 14"
27.94 cm x 35.56 cm
14" x 18"
35.56 cm x 45.72 cm
16" x 20"
40.64 cm x 50.80 cm
20" x 30"
60.96 cm x 76.20 cm
30" x 40"
76.20 cm x 101.60 cm



All custom oil paintings are made with the highest material standards. My paintings are created with keen attention to detail, quality, and with longevity in mind.

Commissions are composed on a custom made stretcher bar, whereupon I personally stretch the canvas. All commissions are painted on the highest quality Belgian linen, sized with a topical coating of hand-made rabbit skin glue, and primed with an oil-based gesso. I paint exclusively with top-of-the-line pigments. My goal is for each stage of my work, from the creation of the stretcher bar through to the final varnishing of the painting, to meet the highest standards of both technical and creative excellence.



Framing can be arranged through the artist, if preferred. Framing price varies based on the size of the artwork and the type of frame selected.

Some clients prefer an unframed, contemporary looking artwork created on an exhibition-style stretcher bar. In this case I will ensure that the canvas is back-wrapped and stretched with a clean-cut edge, which will be painted to give a refined, avant-garde look.



Delivery will be made in person wherever possible, otherwise original artwork will be shipped by insured carrier. Delivery date for the artwork will be agreed by both parties in advance.

I welcome all commissions, be they local, national, or global. Insured delivery available worldwide.

Time Factor

[Time Factor]

The time required to complete an artwork is based on several factors. Complexity of design is a factor, as well, the larger and more detailed the artwork, the longer it will take. The oil painting process can't be rushed. On average a medium-sized commission takes between three to six months, plus appropriate drying time. Each commission is unique and will be given my utmost dedicated attention.

☆I take on very few commissions each year. Please contact me well in advance.☆

Gift Certificates


If you are ordering your commission as a gift, for a birthday, Christmas, or another special occassion, please contact me well in advance to ensure that your commission can be finished on time.

Gift certificates are available upon request. Please contact me for details.

Third Party Source Material

[Third Party Source Material]

I paint exclusively from my own photographs, with exception of some commissions. If the photograph I am to paint from is not my own then the client must provide written consent for the use of this image at the time of ordering. The onus is upon the client to obtain permission from the copyright holder of third party source material.


Reproduction and publishing rights for all artwork remain with Diana Jensen Vestergaard and images must not be copied, reproduced or published in any form without her express written permission. The client agrees that reproductions of the commissioned artwork may be used by Diana Jensen Vestergaard for promotional purposes.

Privacy Policy

[Privacy Policy]

Details supplied by clients will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed to any third party.

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