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Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story.
~ Homer

About Art Equidae

Art Equidae was founded by Diana Jensen Vestergaard in 2010. The business combines Diana's love of horses with her passion for art.

Artist Statement

The horse is Muse! Through paint, and through the lens of my camera, I seek to capture the essence of Equus. My aesthetic celebrates the spirit and beauty of horses.


Diana Jensen Vestergaard an artist, photographer, and art historian who specializes in equine themes.

Diana's artwork and academic research explores a number of genres that celebrate the horse, including narrative, mythological and allegorical subjects, portraiture, and sporting art.

Born in the picturesque town of Port Alberni, on Vancouver Island, Canada, Diana grew up in the saddle. Her relationship with horses began at the age of five with her Shetland Pony, Cricket. Her knowledge and love of horses developed throughout her youth. She was an active member of Pony Club and spent hours each day with her Thoroughbred mare, riding deep into the wilderness, and training in show jumping and dressage. As far back as she can remember Diana has been drawing and painting horses. Throughout her life the horse has been her inspiration, and guiding Muse.

Diana's formal artistic education began in 1992, in Denmark, where she developed interests in drawing, printmaking, and painting at Thorstedlund Kunsthøjskole. She continued her schooling in Edmonton, at the University of Alberta, where she studied a major in art history, while also developing skills in figurative sculpture, ceramics, and photography. In 1997 Diana graduated with a Bachelor of Art and Design. In 2001 Diana achieved a Bachelor of Art Education, also from the University of Alberta. Inspired by artistic paradigms of the Western tradition, Diana moved to Europe in 2003 to study the Masters. She embraced classical training at The Florence Academy of Art, whereby she received a Certificate in Academic Drawing in 2008. In 2010 Diana graduated with a master’s degree in art history from the University of Copenhagen. Diana continues to develop her academic interests and is currently enrolled in curatorial studies at the University of Victoria.

Diana has worked internationally, as an artist, and also at art galleries and museums, in the roles of gallery assistant, art collections deputy, docent, and art educator. Her interest in culture and travel has led to residencies at award winning establishments such as Borgo Santo Pietro, located in the picturesque countryside of Tuscany, Italy.

Diana's paintings can be found in notable corporate and public collections that span from Capitol Hill, USA, to Collegium Domus Regiæ, one of Denmark's oldest residential colleges, dating back to 1623. Diana's artwork is celebrated in private collections in North America, the United Kingdom, and in Europe.

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